Chef and Spice (and all things nice)

Lent is hard work! At least that seems to be the way things are turning out. If last Tuesday was busy, today was rather manic, with a funeral, a PCC meeting and a visit to arrange another funeral. All this on top of waking up at 5 a.m. wondering when I would get to write my address for the funeral. Turns out the answer was 5.30 a.m.

The crowning point of the day was attending a fundraiser for the Brownies run by the PCC secretary. This consisted of an Indian buffet at a restaurant in West Leicester. The food was excellent. Why do these things get arranged in Lent?

So it looks as though I need to keep an eye on Tuesdays. Bad for busyness, bad for food, bad for blogging, bad for discipline all round. That’s the diagnosis but is there a cure? Sometimes life’s just like that. The trick will be to make the most of the quieter moments later in the week.

What are you finding tough about Lent this year?