Catching up

As my last couple of posts will have made clear, Tree has spent the last couple of weeks across the Atlantic visiting family and friends in Canada. It has been one of those seasons when, in spite of regular access to the internet, real life has asserted its claims over the blogosphere, with very limited time available for reading or posting. Unlike Lesley, Tree did not have a series of posts stacked up in advance to cover his absence, but I did manage to squeeze time for a couple of posts while I was over there. We arrived in Birmingham early yesterday morning on a red-eye from Toronto, so the combination of jet-lag and catching up on what’s been going on in the Forest while I’ve been away is likely to delay significant blog output for a while longer.

This was our third trip to the land of the maple since our son got married over there over two and a half years ago, and each time there have been new experiences to reflect on. This trip was no different, and there will be some of these reflections appearing here over the next few days and weeks. These will include further thoughts on harvest and thankgiving, food banks, American football, autumn/fall. And I will, as promised, post a short review of Africa United, which I hope to see this weekend, and there will, no doubt, be other topics to which I will need to add my two penn’orth.


…and coffee…

It’s been a busy week with little time to post here.  However, the coffee part of this blog’s sub-title has been sadly neglected to date.  So how about a little bit of commercial sentimentality all the way from the adopted homeland of Tree’s elder sapling…

Seasonal too!