Here we go (again)…

Well. The observant among you will notice that it is now over three years since I last posted on this blog – and that was after period of very sporadic writing. In the end, I began to feel that blogging was interfering not only with the day job but with all sorts of other things as well, and concluded that it was not only taking up too much “brainspace” but actually affecting my view of the world. I was spending too much of my life thinking, “How am I going to write about this?”

Well, a lot has happened in the last three years – in the world, in the Church and in my own personal life. We now have women appointed to the role of Bishop in the Church of England, though the debates about sexuality and equal marriage rumble on (and on); on the more positive side we are seeing more creativity and energy put into our mission. In the wider world we are living in “interesting times” politically on both sides of the Atlantic (and of course, I have my own views on that). And personally – well I’m not going into a lot of personal stuff now, though I’m sure some of it will emerge in due course. Suffice it to say that, there is much more of a collegial “feel” to this Tree’s ministry now compared to three years ago, thanks to a convergence of a couple of new factors.

Firstly, we appointed a new associate priest to the benefice last year and were delighted to welcome my new colleague, Pauline, at her licensing last November. It has been good to share some of the load and the first few months have been a good experience I think for both of us.

Secondly, with the renewal of our local Churches Together covenant a couple of years ago, we are undertaking more projects ecumenically than before. There is a real sense of teamwork developing with my Congregational and Methodist colleagues here and some of it is already bearing fruit in unexpected ways.

So, it seems as though the time is write to pick up the keyboard here once more to share some thoughts and reflections with anyone who cares to drop by here and chat.

If you’ve made it this far, Welcome back to the Forest!