Blogging Lent: what happened?

“What on earth happened to blogging Lent?” I imagine I hear someone ask. After all, I did announced an intention to blog daily during the v season. Well, life happened, and I am not at my most creative at 11 p.m. which seems to be the time most regularly available for the purpose.

That was not the only reason, though, why the blogging failed. During Lent two things happened that set (Christian) social media alight, both to do with sexuality issues. As usual, among the more reasoned contributions to the subsequent discussion there were the usual and inevitable knee-jerk reactions (from both extremes). And , as usual, I found myself increasingly disappointed, frustrated and disillusioned with the spouting past each other. I addressed a couple of particularly unhelpful comments on various forums I follow and considered writing a few related blog posts of my own.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I began to realise that what was called for was a properly structured piece of writing that, though it might make such a blog series, would address a whole range of related issues. It is now over 15 years since I last attempted this in an ethics essay during my ordination training, and it would help me too to clarify where I have reached in this ongoing debate.

Such a piece will not be written in a day or a week – especially not when done as a task alongside parish ministry. So I crave your indulgence while I get this under way. In the meantime I intend to post occasionally on random topics as the opportunity and mood takes me.