Cafe culture in the Northwest

Think of cafe culture and I rather suspect that Bury will not be the first town to spring to mind. However, Mrs Tree and I went there for a visit to the East Lancashire Railway earlier today and missed the train we had planned to catch. So a brief excursion into the town centre brought us to @utomatic, a restaurant on the main street. As it was a sunny day we took coffee outside and very continental it felt. Espresso, decaf cappucino and the service all recommended. A great day to watch the world go by.

Later in the day we went for a meal with our friends and on the way back stopped by the coastal erosion at Blundellsands between Liverpool and Formby to witness this scene.


…and coffee…

It’s been a busy week with little time to post here.  However, the coffee part of this blog’s sub-title has been sadly neglected to date.  So how about a little bit of commercial sentimentality all the way from the adopted homeland of Tree’s elder sapling…

Seasonal too!

Welcome to the Forest

Greetings from the heart of the National Forest in the English Midlands. “A Tree in the Forest” plans to blog on a assortment of topics, but focussed on those related to Christian Life, Mission and Faith in the early twenty-first century. Tree is interested particularly in how new media and technologies will affect our culture and our understanding of the Christian gospel, also in how we relate to the changing society around us, especially those who may have a different faith. Other topics will appear from time to time. I look forward to the conversation.