It’s almost 11 p.m. and today’s the day I was dreading a week ago when I wondered if my commitment to blog every day (except Sundays and Mondays) during Lent could hold up. The day is almost done and only now am I sitting here writing this.

Today has been one of those days most vicars will recognise: a day of catching up with all the stuff brought in by the weekend and a day off. There have been phone calls to return about funerals and weddings, emails to be replied to, preparation for tomorrow’s Communion service and the new Lent course that starts tomorrow, plus an afternoon PCC meeting. Amid all this, writing a blog post conjures up the same kind of feelings and pressure that the VIcar’s letter for the parish magazine brings on as the deadline looms. There is the pressure to be highly creative and interesting, but all there is is writer’s block. Worse, the blogging is a self-imposed task.

So there is a huge temptation just to let it go for today and come back fresh tomorrow. Yet there are also times when we have to accept that, even when we are not on sparkling form, things still need to be done and that sometimes the best we can do is to do it anyway regardless of whether it is our best work. The New Testament calls this perseverance. It means pushing on through even when we’d rather go off and do something else.

So here is today’s rather belated and sorry offering. It’s my contribution to the community. But who knows? Tomorrow’s might be a whole lot better. But you can’t put something down to experience if you don’t at least attempt the something.

Blessings to all readers.