Blogger doesn’t like me

No, I haven’t fallen out with any nameable individual, but as I posted a few days ago, Blogger seems to be refusing to accept my first attempts at commenting on a variety of the blogs it hosts. Lesley’s suggestion of selecting all and copying to the clipboard before sending the comment is a good one – as long as you can get into the habit of doing it. And I haven’t yet.

So for the third (or is it the fourth) time today my comments have been lost to the blogosphere. And as it always happens to the responses that took five or ten minutes to compose in the first place (Murphy’s Law) it’s particularly frustrating. Grrrr!!!

So apologies to anyone who expected me to join a conversation today and wondered. It’s not you, it’s your platform.


2 thoughts on “Blogger doesn’t like me

  1. Lesley, yes, I do. It’s what I’ve been using as my identity ever since we had the conversation about deleting comments a few months back. It has mostly worked fine until a couple of weeks ago, but now I’m getting the “Blogger is unable to perform requested action” message quite frequently, and on other blogs than yours. I had begun to wonder whether going back to commenting under my WP identity might improve things.

    When I logged into my Blogger account yesterday evening I did notice that they seem to have been tweaking the comment system and I wondered whether that had caused all this.

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