What God said

A recent stroll around my blog neighbourhood ended up with getting into slightly unfamiliar territory. I can’t quite recall the route that got me there, though I seem to remember it had something to do with Rob Bell, John Piper, Hell and Emerging/Emergent church. After Gurdur’s recent post about ghettos and suburbs on the blog, one or two of us felt challenged to “get out more.

Well, the place I ended up is the blog of Drew G. I. Hart, a “Hip-hop/Freestyle theologian” who writes from a Black American perspective – a viewpoint I, as a white English Anglican minister, am not at all familiar with. But perhaps I should be. It is too easy to get the impression that Western European/American Christian theology IS Christian theology and ignore that others have a different experience of, and take on, the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes what we think hear God saying needs to be balanced by listening to what others believe they are hearing too. Anyway, I have added Drew’s blog to my Reader list and look forward to learning from him and others in his community.

As a taster, this video appears in Drew’s latest post, and like him I found it very provoking. Enjoy (if that’s the right word).

Well, what did you make of it?

What new places in the blogosphere have interested you recently?


11 thoughts on “What God said

  1. Thanks for your comments, Lesley. I’m glad you liked it.

    I’m not quite sure how I’m squaring the cull of my Google Reader list with the intention to “get out more.” But thanks for the links to Jade’s, Rachel’s and Josh’s blogs.

  2. I came across a video, RevSimmy, that comes from the black Christian movements in the USA; it was quite interesting. I sent it on to Lesley, since it was disntictively Christian, and thus not somehthing I could easily use; perhaps Lesley may send it onto you, perhaps both of you could do posts on it. The theology in it was hidden and practical, but reasonably advanced. The video was of a hiphop poet, a black woman talking about relationships and basically then theology.

  3. Thanks, Gurdur. It will obviously be up to Lesley how she wants to post about the video, but I’ll look out for it and comment or post on it as seems appropriate at the time.

  4. I finally found it. Took a fair while. Worth listening to right to the end, despite the sound quality. The speech is very funny, and uses language very cleverly, in a very condensed way.

  5. Sorry I lost it – you are right – worth watching.

    I found it quite shocking actually. I’ll try to post something on it. Probably easier for me as a woman who has recently been single than for Revsimmy…

  6. Interesting, Gurdur, but having seen it I am sure Lesley is right that it would be rather more appropriate for her to take the lead in posting on this one. I’d rather just loiter in this particular suburb than get actively involved in its politics for now. I think I need to do the listening thing.

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