Blog neighbourhoods

Over at the Heathen Hub, Gurdur asks what kind of blog neighbourhood are we building? Is it a suburb, open to all comers, though with a distinctive viewpoint and flavour? Or is it a ghetto, a closed space that welcomes only those who agree with a particular point of view and speaking only to those who already share it?

Gurdur highlights the dangers of the second approach and the good points of the first. Although he is an atheist, much of what he says should be taken to heart by churches and Christian communities that want to engage with others.

If your way of life, if your philosophy, is worth anything at all, then you can build a nice suburb for yourself and others. You can go out into the outside world and take the word there; you can convert others to your way of life and your suburb. But no matter what your way of life is, the outside world is not all bad at all, and the outside world has a lot to teach you that you need to know. So when you teach, be prepared to listen and learn too, and do that first.

Gurdur also practices what he preaches, moderating the Heathen Hub which is a pretty eclectic blogging community dealing with ethics, science, religion, atheism, politics and a whole lot more. The Hub has the strapline, “Because everyone is a heathen to someone else.”

Check out the post, and check out the Hub. They are a friendly bunch and don’t bite (well, not often anyway)!