Can any Blogger user explain…?

I have noticed recently on a number of other blogs that I follow that the Blogger platform is getting more and more unfriendly when I try to comment. What usually happens is this:

Fired with enthusiasm to comment on someone else’s profound thoughts on life, the universe and everything I compose a thoughtful response in the appropriate box. I finish it, fill in the word verification, check my identity under either my WordPress or Google accounts and press “Post.” After a very slight pause, Blogger tells me it can’t fulfil my requested action, leaving my thoughts stranded in blogging infinity with no return home. Pressing the back button returns me to a blank comment box, where I have to start all over again.

Apart from the waste of time and effort involved, this is … (insert expletive of choice, like “rather” or “really”) annoying, and several conversations have now missed my undoubtedly elegant and useful contributions 😉

Any suggestions, other than composing comments in Word and then cutting and pasting? Or am I missing something?


2 thoughts on “Can any Blogger user explain…?

  1. Thanks, Lesley. I’m glad (I suppose) that I’m not the only one it happens to. It just seems to have been happening a lot more the last week or so. Before then it was a very isolated thing. I’ll try to remember to do the Ctrl-C thing. I haven’t got that much time that I can afford to re-write comments very often

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