A most commendable response to Pastor Terry Jones

Thanks to Riazat Butt for alerting me to one of the most encouraging things I’ve heard this week.

A Muslim from Florida, Wajiha Akhtar, has begun a Facebook campaign for Muslims to”Smother Terry Jones with Kindness. Please.” when he visits Dearborn, Michigan to protest outside the Islamic Center of America. On the Facebook event page (link may only work if you are logged into FB) she writes:


As many of you know Terry Jones from Dove World Outreach Center burned a Quran after conducting a mock trial (which he called International judge the Quran day) where Terry Jones himself was the judge. According to him his actions has led to death threats from people around the world.

On April 22nd, he’ll be traveling to Dearborn Michigan to protest in front of the Islamic Center of America because he wants Muslims “to honor, obey and submit to the Constitution of the United States.”

Pastor Jones just has the wrong idea about Muslims–Lets be real. Muslims in America love the Constitution! We’ve been living under it our whole American lives.

So let’s smother (in the non-killing way, you know like hugs) him with kindness. Follow the link below and tell him about the best places to eat ( let’s be real, some good ethnic food has proven to win over even the most hardened bigot!). If you have a relative/friend that lives there, offer their homes. Tell him the best place to buy souvenir magnets and keychains for his congregation.

She adds

I understand that people might disagree with this approach to Pastor Jones. For those Muslims out there, keep in mind the story of the Prophet (PBUH) and those that mocked him during his time. And for all other people of faith or morality, the principal of winning over those that hate you with honey as opposed to vinegar is universal.

At the time of writing this post, 460 people (most of them Muslim from what I can tell) have signed up to attende this event. As I said, I found this soooooooo encouraging, and I can only hope and pray that it happens and that it works.

Now, if only Christian teaching could come up with a similar response to other people!

[It already has – Matthew 5:43-45; Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:27-28, 31, 35;  Romans 12:20-21. I wonder if Pastor Jones has preached on any of these recently?]


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