Getting around to it

As someone who ought to qualify for a PhD in procrastination – if I could ever get round to it – I was grateful to Maggi Dawn for providing this link to an article with ideas on how to overcome this unfortunate trait. How far this self-help will do the trick will remain to be seen.

However, it did get me thinking about the role of procrastination in the blogosphere. On some days other people’s blogs can be a great distraction from getting other stuff done. Last year a number of clergy bloggers underwent a temporary fast from blogging for Lent. For few this became permanent, and for them that will have been the right decision.

On the other hand, reading and commenting on others’ blogs can sometimes be a distraction from the hard work of posting on one’s own blog. After all, these things take thought and work to produce, no? In my head there are a couple of series of posts I have never even started because the amount of time and effort they will require have seemed too daunting.

Must go back to read those tips – in just a moment!