Back again

A rather nasty infection (suspected to have been pneumonia) has kept me out of the blogosphere since Christmas. I have gradually made my return, first by reading, then also commenting on, others’ blogs. However, the time has come to restart my own posts from the Forest.


5 thoughts on “Back again

  1. Thanks Lesley. I am presently on what my GP calls “a phased return to work.” I am getting fatigued much more quickly than usual, but improving day to day. It’s a good excuse to get someone else to chair all th meetings and even to duck out of some 🙂

  2. I didn’t actually get to work over Christmas itself. I spent the Wednesday before Christmas in bed with a temperature of over 39C (103.8F). My beloved had to ring around to get my Christmas services covered, which included doing a couple herself. We are blessed to have a flexible clergy/reader team here and I am very grateful that they pulled together so well.

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