While I was in Canada, the Vicar’s Wife (not mine, who is a Rector’s wife in any case)  had an online poll going about how Christians would be spending Hallowe’en. The results and analysis can be found here.

I was in Canada when this poll began, so missed it until now. However, the subject of Hallowe’en came up with our Canadian hosts (who are ex-YWAMers).  It seems that although Hallowe’en is as massive in Canada as it is in the States, it is a pretty benign festival over there. The dressing up doesn’t need to be particularly ghoulish or horrific. Our host family’s “trick or treating” this year will be done dressed as farmyard animals, with the two year old grandson playing the farmer, and with none of the implied menace that seems to have developed over here. The “tricking” part is, so I’m told, extremely rare, maybe because everyone is set up to enjoy the treat part.  Perhaps this is another instance of the UK adopting someone else’s customs without properly understanding them.

On their first Halloween in their present house, our hosts set up a barbecue on their front lawn, with smores (marshmallows heated and placed between biscuits) and drinks available for any of the families in the street. Most parents turned up with their kids after trick or treating. A great way to meet and get to know the neighbours.

What will I be doing next Sunday evening? I shall be at Wembley with my son, enjoying another American institution – a Sunday Night American football game between the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers.