Rose-tinted headphones

In a spirit of inter-faith co-operation, this morning I joined with the Beaker Folk in celebrating Mott the Hoople Day and spent an enjoyable hour or so reacquainting myself with some of the band’s oeuvre on Spotify. Their brand of rock was pretty much as I remembered it, and I enjoyed singing along (in my head, anyway) to “All the Young Dudes“, “All the Way from Memphis” and “Roll Away the Stone“, amongst others. Then I remembered borrowing the band’s first album from a school friend, along with an album by Atomic Rooster (ah! the Seventies!), which led to me to look for some Rooster to play on Spotify (while doing other work, of course).

I was shocked! I remember liking the band’s work when I was 17/18 years old. Now what struck me most were the somewhat violent and disturbing lyrics and delivery. Research (aka a Wikipedia article – I know…) revealed the band’s genesis in the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, so I guess some disturbing weirdness about the music should not be so surprising.  I listened for a while, but eventually decided I wasn’t enjoying it that much and went back to Mott.

I had always felt that my musical tastes had expanded from what was always a fairly broad base. But I couldn’t help wondering whether, several decades ago, I was more naive, or whether I just didn’t listen much to the lyrics. Or whether I am now just getting to be more middle-aged.

My review scores today: Mott the Hoople 10/10, Atomic Rooster 1/10 (apologies to you Rooster fans out there).


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