Back in the Forest

Looking back, it has been almost six months since Tree last posted here. So, on the off-chance that anyone really noticed, my apologies. I have, however, spent what blogging time I have been able to find in responding to others’ efforts in the blogosphere. I was particularly impressed by Revd. Lesley, who took a three week break, but had enough material “made earlier” that regular followers hardly noticed the difference 😮

Once or twice recently, however, topics have come up elsewhere where I have been tempted to respond at slightly greater length, or even to begin a post on a different, tough related, topic. In particular, an exchange on clayboy’s blog resulted in what I took to be a challenge to get back to blogging myself.

So here I am, back and raring to go. I can’t promise that posts here will be very frequent, but I’ll do my best. The key, I feel, will be discipline -firstly to post regularly, even if only a little; secondly to limit my responses on some of the blogs I follow. Sorry if that means you. Next up, some thoughts on Messianic Judaism…