God is on the move

Taking a weekend away from the Forest, I have been visiting long-standing (not old!) friends. This morning we visited our former church.  When we left over a decade ago there was concern over the future of the old Victorian building and different views in the congregation as to what that future should hold. Recently the congregation moved into a new, purpose-built extension to the church school.  This was their second week of worship here and it is obviously still the shake-down period. No-one knows exactly how things will work in the new setting.  How should we lay out this particular piece of furniture – will it go better here or here?  It’s a time for experiment, for trying new things and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Of course, something has been lost in the move from the old building, but there are new possibilities and new opportunities opening up. One or two new faces are appearing and there is a real buzz of excitement about the place – a sense of moving forward and moving on with God, and a wondering what will happen next.  God is on the move and it’s wonderful!